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"The wonderful diversity of her compositions enables us to enjoy something distinctly different when each painting is viewed, yet there is the Krystal Allen part - that peaceful and strong voice that resonates and speaks to us."
-Robert & Elley M.

Artist Statement

Krystal Allen, near Sedona

In the process of creativity I find that the ends are a reward for the means. The joy of creating an imagery of a moment or an emotion, and being able to share it with others, is the essence of my art. Creating art is an exposure of one’s inner self. It gives me a way to relate to people in a visual, emotional way as opposed to a verbal way. Each painting is an effort to transform and work out the troubles that surround me into a thing of beauty. Art imitates life, and each finished work represents another triumph over life’s challenges.

I look for abstract lines and movement in natural subjects as well as the light unique to a location. Striving to always try the more difficult scene or technique, my work must challenge me or I lose interest. By being challenged I am always amazed at how much more I have learned than if I hadn’t tried. Art, like life, is an endeavor in education. You must never stop learning, because if you do stop, then you have essentially stopped living.

My intense love for both natural beauty and creating art make for a wonderful combination. There are so many beautiful things to be painted and shared with the world, I feel it is an honor to have been given the talent to do so.

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